Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea

You have noticed that your new cat has diarrhea. What to do? Well, do not panic. Pet cats have an extremely sensitive belly and it is very likely that the looseness of the intestines is only a response to what they have eaten. Take note of the cat’s next feces. If only the first one or two hangs, it’s probably something the cat has eaten. If they are methodically boring, there could be a bigger problem.

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Factors of Diarrhea in Cats

1- Food intolerance:

Food intolerance is one of the most common factors of diarrhea in cats. As a rule, the cat eats almost everything, so make sure there is absolutely nothing on the floor to get and try to consume. Likewise, consider the type of food you provide. Many kittens will have intestinal tract reactions at points such as food dyes. this may be the reason for diarrhea. Try to change the food slowly (doing it quickly will create a lot more intestinal distress).

I hope this will definitely help to solve the problem. Instead, some veterinarians suggest a bland diet as well as prepared at home. This diet normally includes white rice and hamburger meat, although you probably want to consult your veterinarian to find out what he or she recommends.

milk is another thing that gives diarrhea to the kitten. Do not offer milk or dairy products to your cat. They are very harmful to them and will hurt their stomachs by frequently giving them diarrhea or vomiting them.

2- Food problem:

If it is not a food problem, it can be a disease that triggers the disorder. The following disease usually causes diarrhea in cats: unwanted foods, stress, and anxiety, digestive parasites, hyperthyroidism, feline immunodeficiency virus, among others. You must bring your cat to the vet if a waiting period combined with a food adjustment does not help you.

When your cat has diarrhea, it is necessary that you take care of it. Indeed, it is common that a cat comes to dehydrate. Dehydration can be extremely harmful. The cat may not intend to consume enough water. If you think your cat is drying out, give it wet food. This will certainly offer them even more fluid food than completely dry foods. If dehydration seems important, take them to the vet where they will have liquids under the skin.