cat toys

Cats are difficult. Often, it takes more than the selection of toys to get their attention. All cat owners recognize the sensation of bringing home a mouse filled with catnip or a wheel with a sphere in it, thinking that your cat will certainly have fun with this toy for hours every day, just to watch the cat sniffs the toy disdainfully and also turns his back on to go somewhere and also lie down.

In this spirit, I would like to talk about some “extraordinary” toys with which your cat is obliged to play for hours.

These are not toys that you win, that you give to your cat and that you only see it play.

These are interactive cat toys or, in other words, toys that you and your cat can play with.

1- The Kitten Mitten.

There isThis is basically a glove you use, which is added long fingers with balls at the end of the fingers. Most of us understand how uncomfortable or even dangerous it can be to have fun with a kitten or cat that has not been declawed. The cat mitten allows you to have fun with your cat without the need for stitches before the end. The hanging rounds bring extra fun to the cat, while the clothing cover section protects your hands.

2- The Catfisher Pole N Reel.

This is a cane the size of a cat and also a reel with a tiny fish at the end. You throw the reel as if you were done with a real one, and then you simply wrap it. A cat who deserves his salt will not be able to resist it.

3- Laser Light.

Laser light is only one of my favorites. You just have to rest somewhere and shine the light against a distant wall surface or anywhere on the floor and the cat will go crazy trying to catch it! This provides a perpetual pleasure for both you and the cat, as well as for all viewers watching. It’s a simple device, but it has the potential to provide hours of fun.

More importantly, you do not need to do much of the moving method, so if you have had a hard day at work and just want to rest, you can still have fun with your cat. as well as give the cat some exercise without moving from your seat.

4- Da Bird.

Da Bird is one of the most popular interactive cat toys on the market. It is primarily a gadget that looks a bit like a bird (well, it still has feathers), attached to a string, which is then attached to a stick, you swing and then you see the cat trying to catch the bird in flight.

Of all the testimonies I have seen, it is the toy that every cat seems to anticipate. The only drawback of this toy is that (according to critics anyway), it sometimes separates. I suppose if you have an aggressive cat, you may have to tape or stick things together or keep replacements available. Overall, however, this seems to be THE toy to buy.

5- WARE Flying Fun.

The last toy I’m going to look at here is called the WARE Flying Fun interactive cat toy. It is essentially a container filled with flying butterflies, which you control with remote control. Butterflies fly inside the container and the cat takes advantage, fascinated. I felt it would be a pretty amazing game for me, but when I looked at the reviews, I did not really feel that many people liked it. The majority of them said that simply observing butterflies did not appeal to them, as they naturally wanted practical experience, or instead of a “paw” experience. It still seemed funny to me. I bet my cat would definitely like it.

No matter what toy you give to your cat, the key word here is “interactive“. Your cat wants you to be part of everything. You are the brain behind the operation, the person who makes the birds fly or the laser dot. So choose a toy that you like, since you will be the only one to make it work.