Does Organic Food For Cats Keep The Best Health

Not so long ago, it was common for cats to reach the age of 18 or 19, with some unusual exemptions reaching almost 30 years. You may have your own reasons for this to happen, so I will probably articulate the majority of them below!

Thanks to the consistency of diet, I think of one of the main reasons why cats are not as healthy and balanced as they are when the diet they eat is taken.

The Commercial Cat Food Industry.

As people begin to realize this reality, the commercial cat food industry is doing a sleight of hand to lure you with light words and smiling stars on the labels. Attractive words consist of symbols such as “medically proven” or “advised by the best veterinarians”, although this is now less attractive than “natural” or “all-natural”. (I’m not quite sure what a “high-level veterinarian” is – if it’s the one that advertises the industry the most?).

However, “nature“, “natural” and “all-natural” come into the second domain because “organic” ends up being the most popular word of the day. Do not get me wrong, I’m a strong advocate of organic food for both humans and cats, but the natural cat food is not really natural.

To begin, the word “organic” does not imply anything unless it is supported by a reputable accreditation. Every little thing that develops could be called organic. Several traditional manufacturers have in fact noted their products as being organic while they did not have certification.

In the end, being a certified organic manufacturer takes a long time – years. The soil is frequently checked. Due to the duration, the manufacturer can not offer its natural products nor use chemicals. It can be a difficult time.


I’ve seen organic dry cat food offerings for sale. It was accredited. But what is that for? You feed your cat with organic foods to avoid the chemicals used in food manufacturing – antibiotics in staple foods, hormones provided to increase weight, and manufacturing over a much shorter period of time, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides that are regularly used on plants, plant chemical feeds.

Quit as well as consider this. Can meat be kept indefinitely (in fact, by-products of meat, because good things go for more expensive human food) without resorting to powerful preservatives? Exactly how can a pack of dry cat food last so long?

Certain, the package may not list the preservatives in the component checklist. Why would they be? You would not buy it.

The package can also display “conservative not included”. The wording requires being smart to avoid prosecution. “Chemicals Not Included” means that their brand name does not include chemicals. This does not mean that the preservatives were not added to the “meat” before shipping.

So the million-dollar survey is: should you buy organic cat food? In my opinion, if it’s natural cat food, it’s no better than non-organic foods.

– All industrial cat foods, organic and non-organic, contain many of the following chemicals:


Which causes bowel loosening, impaired vision, loss of vision, failure of the body’s organs, cancer cells, leukemia in simple direct exposure to plant workers.

2-Sodium nitrite:

which has a wonderful rosy hue to foods and can create powerful carcinogenic materials called nitrosamines.

3-propyl gallate

propyl gallate – it is currently thought that it can cause liver damage.
Propylene glycol is used to preserve the correct appearance. In addition, an anti-moisture material is used as a cooling antifreeze in the engines.
up to 1000 times more salt than normally occurs.

The majority of them are not allowed in the human diet because of their high degree of poisoning. Do you think this could be the reason why cats do not live as long as they would like?